Lifecake wins “Mums Love” Award from!!

Recently the reviewers over at BabyWorld took Lifecake for a spin. We got 5/5 for ease of use, value for money and quality. In fact Lifecake faired so well, they awarded us the much coveted “Mums Love” Award! Thrilled doesn’t come close!

lifecake reviews

Babyworld award

Here are some of our favorite snippets:

“The layout of the pictured is also pleasing to the eye. Navigation around the app is very easy. A great way to share photos and vids with family and friends”

“It’s a big thumbs up for the Lifecake app from me and my family!”

“We are loving the storyboard feel which is making our family experiences stay with us every day”

Thanks for everyone who took the time to review. You can read the full report here.

Introducing What’s New for iPhone

Our latest update for the App store includes a totally new view on your Lifecake world. It’s a view of just what’s been added since you last opened the app.  Our email updates will lead  directly into this area, so you can check the latest before diving back into your timeline.

We hope this will make it easier for family to catch up in an instant, and also make sure everyone can find earlier photos added recently.

Lifecake what's new view

What’s New for iPhone

We want to know what you think so please update to the latest version and rate the app!


“Lifecake is perfect for new parents who are struggling under the weight of newly captured images and videos”

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 08.45.36

Last week Alice from More Than Toast reviewed Lifecake and wrote about storing photographs of her children at Easter. She said:

Lifecake is perfect for new parents who are struggling under the weight of newly captured images and videos (I’ve got that tshirt) with little time to spend hours sending umpteen updates to family. It’s fully grandparent-tested and approved (sooo simple to use!) and is the perfect solution to keeping up to date with a child’s progress in a private space. You can add as many children as you need, tagging them in each photo, and can use their photos together or separately. It’s a fabulous way for parents to keep up to date with their children when they spend time with childminders but my favourite way of using the service is to snap and store Elfie’s artwork – no more guilt over slyly popping the 87th picture of an octopus in the recycling. 

You can see the post in full over here.

Lifecake and the Heartbleed Bug

We take your privacy and the safety of your photos and videos very seriously indeed. So if you were wondering how Lifecake was affected by the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug we wanted to give you an update. In short, everything is fixed and there is no sign of intrusion on our platform.

Immediately after the issue was made public, we updated our systems to ensure you face no risk. There is no sign that Lifecake security was jeopardized but, as an extra precaution, our advice is to reset your passwords for all your online services. You can do this most easily for Lifecake on the web at a computer at

Please let us know if you have any further concerns at

Join Lifecake in celebrating Easter this weekend with our five day scavenger hunt!

We’ll be posting clues every morning from today and we want you to help us enjoy our long weekend by posting your responses to these clues on your Instagram or Twitter. The best ten entries to the scavenger hunt will win VIP Lifecake accounts. Don’t forget to tag them so we can find them!


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Tip of the day: How to change the color of your timeline

We’ve had a couple of requests to reveal the secret feature of this latest design for iPhone – the color picker. No, it’s not in the menu. There’s a trick to it.

To change the color of your Lifecake timeline simply hit any green box with the date on it. Like the one here “Sunday 23 March 2014”.

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Let’s put Mums back in the picture this Mother’s Day 2014

As a mum sometimes I look back on a lovely weekend’s photos and wonder to myself “Was I even there?!” I am not in a single shot. Or rather, I am in one, which is so bad it’s quickly deleted.  As the main photographers, Mums often get left out of the picture and at Lifecake we’d like to change that. Continue reading

Introducing The New Lifecake for iPhone


Despite being busy parents, our fantastic customers still take the time to share their ideas. And we love you for it, thank you. This next release of Lifecake sees some pretty big changes, based on suggestions from you. And again, we want to know what you think. Love it or hate it you can let us know here.

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