About us

Lifecake was started when a very proud uncle wanted to feel closer to the action of his new nephew’s life every day. He soon found 3 co-founders who were struggling with similar situations and they decided to fix it.  Every day at our office in Primrose Hill, London, we share emails from customers about how Lifecake has brought a family closer together or allowed a mother to relive special moments in her child’s life. That’s what drives us to make Lifecake the best place for photos, video and stories of your children.

Why Lifecake?

Parents (us included) take so many photos and videos to remember moments they love. But we think the way we go about remembering is broken today. Folders and feeds are legacies of a bygone era. Memories are dumped into hardware devices and there is no time to organize them all. So remembering happens one night a month, tied to a computer,