Exciting news from the Lifecake team

We started Lifecake with a promise of helping families remember their happiest moments for generations to come. But parents sometimes asked us: how can a startup really say their service will endure for the long term?

Well, today we have our answer. Lifecake is part of Canon, arguably the most trusted brand in photography and a leader in capturing moments for nearly 80 years. We’re so excited!

A Canon company

What will change for you

Improvements: Our team will grow – and so will our product. For example, today we’re launching support for 4 more languages – French, German, Spanish and Italian – and all customers will get a minimum of 10GB of free space.

Innovation: We’ll have access to the great technology Canon has in imaging and printing, like high definition photobooks, facial recognition, image enhancement and so much more.

What won’t change for you

Our commitment: While our team grows we’ll stay 100% focused on the needs of you and your family. We love building Lifecake, and we have big plans.

Our openness: You and your family will get a great experience, no matter which camera or device you use to capture memories.

Your privacy: Your content stays in Lifecake and you will continue to own it. Canon shares our belief in the importance of intimate, private sharing – in full quality and free from advertisements.

We hope you share our excitement about this great news, and Lifecake and Canon look forward to helping your family share and remember moments for a long, long time to come.

Have a great day!

Silvia, Artjom, Matt, Pete, Ed and Nick

The Lifecake team


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