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Free your photos from folders

Just say no to folders

Digital photos in folders are kind of like printed photos in shoeboxes: it’s nice to know they have a home … but it’s not a home you’re going to visit much.

Photo by Wanderin' Weeta under Creative Commons.

Photo by Wanderin’ Weeta (licensed under Creative Commons)

In fact, folders are a perfect place for the stuff you’d be happy never to see again. Like your tax forms.

Sad folders

But we think photos of your children deserve better. Those moments want to be free! In a private place where you and your family can relive them again and again.

We created Lifecake to be that place. One single timeline of your child’s amazing journey. A timeline you can zoom through in seconds.

Lifecake for iPad

In our latest update for iPhone and Android, you can now free all those photos that are sitting in folders in Dropbox (as well as Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, camera roll and computer). In seconds you can copy your child’s photos into Lifecake, and it will put them all in age order. And loved ones will instantly see them all too – on any device.

Add all your content to Lifecake

So go on, grab the latest update from Lifecake in the App Store or Google Play. And free your photos from folders!