Monthly Archives: August 2014

The Lifecake word cloud

One of our five values at Lifecake is: ‘We listen to our customers’.

We also love to see our customers. And we try to meet them whenever we can. (Ed from our team is currently cycling across London to go meet a few now – to ask them what they’d like to see next in Lifecake).

But when we can’t see our customers, we love to see what they write. In our suggestion box, on BabyCenter or in the app stores.

But this morning we did something different: we used analytics software to turn every single word (positive or negative) that customers have used in their reviews of us in the app stores into a ‘word cloud’ – automatically putting the most commonly used words in large font and in the center. 

We love the result. Especially when we see the most commonly used word.

Happy Friday 🙂

Word Cloud