How to remember the things kids say?

My 16 month old has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Every day a bizarre new word comes from seemingly no where. “Oh look! Camel” she says pointing at a huge, sandy color dog.

My husband reminded me the other day of a time when she only had one word. It was “boodja”. To this day we have absolutely no idea what she meant. But his reminder made me realize that I had totally forgotten the weeks of “boodja” and trying to work out what she was so urgently telling us. It was only 5 months ago.

Lifecake timeline with story

Lifecake timeline with story

Things kids say can be so insightful into what’s on their mind, or the way they are thinking about the world. And sometimes they are just flat-out funny as hell. How do you remember those moments? They are so fleeting and there is rarely a chance to capture them on video.

There is a story option on Lifecake which allows you to leave a note – so it’s there to revisit, in date order whenever you want to. It makes looking back at photos a whole lot richer.

Keep tabs on what kids say

Lifecake story

But we also want to get more of these gems out into the open – so more people can appreciate the comedy genius of the young child’s mind.

Enter Little Wise Words which aims to be the world’s biggest collection of funny things kids say. We’d love to see everyone with a child of speaking age to add their favorite saying or conversation on to the site.

What was the last funny conversation with your child? Please add it at Little Wise Words

Little wise words

Little wise words





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