Introducing The New Lifecake for iPhone


Despite being busy parents, our fantastic customers still take the time to share their ideas. And we love you for it, thank you. This next release of Lifecake sees some pretty big changes, based on suggestions from you. And again, we want to know what you think. Love it or hate it you can let us know here.

Introducing the new iPhone timeline view.

(You’ll see this in the next update – out on Monday March 17)

Scroll by day: We’ve dropped the drawers!

We know all the photos you choose to share are special but until now the ones that were viewed or “favorited” the least by you or your family were relegated to a little drawer on the right hand side of the timeline on the phone and underneath the timeline on web. These snaps were only accessible when flicking through photos in close up mode. We have rescued those beauties from obscurity in our new timeline design. All photos can be scrolled through each day in chronological order.

Faces front and center

No one enjoys a photo of a forehead. The thumbnail photos in the timeline are now closer to the dimension of the original photo. Plus we now know where faces are in the photos. This should mean we are capturing more gorgeous little faces in the timeline view.

Choose your timeline background color

Not digging the green? Now you can control the color of your timeline on the iPhone. Click on a date box in the new design and you are given a palette of colors to choose from. This will only change the color of your personal timeline, your family can change their view however they like. (You can see my teal version above!)


Profile pictures

For customers with more than one timeline, we’ve now made it super simple to assign photos to each different child using profile pictures.


Make sure you and your family have the latest version to see these new features. And don’t forget to leave a review on the App Store!

Coming soon! Get the latest

Another VERY popular request is on its way too:  a “What’s new” view where you and your family/friends can easily see the photos and videos most recently added, even if they were photos from way back when. That means no more trawling through the timeline trying to guess which ones were recently added.

Phewf! That’s a lot.

What do you think?

P.S This design update does not require you to do anything. It will just happen automatically when you next update Lifecake on your iPhone. You may be asked to add a profile picture of your little one(s) if you have a view of more than one timeline – but that’s it.

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