Awesome improvements to our Android app – and more to come


We’ve been busier than ever here at the Lifecake Bakery (well, it’s not really a bakery, but we do eat a lot of cake, does that count?)

There’s good news for our Android customers. 

Swipe through photos in close up view

You know how you have to go into each individual photo on the timeline to see it in detail? Instead of being able to just swipe through them? That time is over! Rejoice. Now you can peruse all your photos one by one in detail.

Get in close and personal 

You can now pinch and zoom on photos in detail view so you can see all the gory details.

See what’s new

There’s a new view in town – and it shows what has been most recently added so your family can catch up on just the new news.

What’s next?

Well, funny you should ask because any moment now you’ll be able to edit comments too. Whoohoo!

We are working our way through the list of features you are helping us build here – add your request and we’ll see what we can do. 

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