How To Take Great Pictures Of Your Children

As a mother I can’t tell you how many pictures I have of my kids on my phone. It runs into the thousands; I’m keen to capture each and every milestone, every cute moment, every funny face they pull. And there are lots of funny faces!

But my children, though they’re my number one subject they are not the easiest people to photograph. They move quickly, don’t like posing for the camera and get bored easily. Bad news for me and my snap-happy camera phone. 

I’ve got way too many blurry toddlers and indistinguishable faces on my camera roll, so for the last few weeks I’ve been focussing on ways I can create better, less fuzzy photos of my children. There’s been a marked improvement in the quality and quantity of my pictures: good news for my Lifecake feed, bad news for my Instagram followers. Here are the top five ways I’ve been doing it.

Distract the children

It’s good to distract your children when you’re taking pictures of them. Whether this is talking to them (one of my favourite photographers like to tell her daughter there’s a Gruffalo hiding in her camera!) or using props they can play with while you stealthily photograph them.


Make sure the light is at its best

We’ve talked about the light in our photography tutorials before and it still stands here. The lower the lighting you’re photographing in, the blurrier your photos will be. So photograph your children during the day if you can, in a well-lit room or even better – outside.


Snap snap snap snap

Don’t just take one picture – take ten. This way you have ten times the chance of snapping an image you’ll love.

Make it a selfie

For some reason when I pull my camera out for a selfie with the children they are much more likely to say cheese and give me a big grin than when I take photos of them on their own. This gives the added bonus of being in a photograph with my children, too – as the main photographer in my family I’m usually behind the lens, not in front of it.


Be spontaneous!

I make sure my camera apps are within easy reach on my phone so I can access them as quickly as possible. As soon as I see a moment I want to capture I’m able to whip the camera out in a second flat. There’s no fumbling for them, I know exactly where my favourite apps are… I love the native iPhone camera app as well as vscocam.


How do you make sure you’re getting the best pictures of your children?


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