How To Shoot And Share Brilliant Video

Last week we talked about how to improve your photos as an iPhone photographer and today we’re taking it one step further: let’s talk about film! At Lifecake we are huge fans of video, photographs tell a wonderful story but you can capture some really magical moments on film. And for relatives who perhaps aren’t able to see your children on a regular basis this can be a wonderful way for them to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in your lives.

But shooting video can prove pretty difficult: it’s easy enough to record some simple footage but how do you polish it up ready for it to be seen by your family and friends?

Here’s how we do it: and then we use Lifecake to simply share with our favourite people in one click. Give us a go if you haven’t already!

Keep in mind your photography skills

Taking video is just like taking a picture – but your images are moving. The main rules of good photography are still applicable, take a look at our favourite iPhone photography tips or at our Pinterest board for more general photography information.

Use your lighting

Just like when you’re taking photographs, the more light you have the better quality your video will be. Turn the lights on and try not to use the camera LED to light the shot – it produces some scary results!

Don’t hold your phone like a phone

We’re used to holding our phones upright for calls, browsing the web and taking photographs. But computers, tablets and other phones display landscape video much clearer than portrait and your viewers will be able to see much more detail.

Remember tap to focus

Just like when you’re taking photographs, when shooting video it’s possible to tap on a subject to focus on them. It’s also possible to alter the light and contrast of your shot this way: have a go, experiment  and you’ll see the difference this can make to your film.

Know your software

Most Operating Systems have simple video editing systems built-into them but to the untrained eye these can look pretty daunting and complicated. We prefer the simpler apps you can download onto your smartphone or tablet and use to edit your footage in minutes. We like Videoshop which is £1.99 and provides a range of simple editing options, or Magisto which is free to download and magically does all the hard work for you! Just look at what some Magisto fans have created out of their smartphone videos.

Why not share your tips for filming video on an iPhone?


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