How To Be A Brilliant iPhone Photographer

Once upon a time it was pretty difficult to capture memories of our families. Camera equipment was expensive and bulky and taking photographs on film meant we had the inevitable wait and expense of developing our images.

So thank goodness for the iPhone! That magic bit of kit that means any of us can be a photographer; we can whip out our phone at any moment to take pictures of whatever takes our fancy. And once relegated to a low-resolution ‘snapshot’ camera, the iPhone now has a lens and resolution powerful enough to take pretty brilliant photographs in the right hands.

At Lifecake we love the ease of the iPhone for capturing memories and we believe that with a few tweaks to your technique anyone can shoot marvellous images. And of course, it’s easy to share these memories instantly with the Lifecake app! Here are our top ways to make the most of our favourite piece of technology:

1. Use your light

As with any camera, lighting is key when it comes to shooting with your iPhone. Dark or low light situations can result in grainy or blurred pictures, so it’s important to make sure your subject is as well-lit as possible. If you’re inside, white walls create a lovely simple background and has the bonus of light bouncing off it, but if you’re outside it’s good to keep the sun behind you.


2. Clean your lens

This might sound like a simple one but I’ve lost count of the times I’ve puzzled over blurry photographs only to realise I have a smeared lens. Try to clean it as often as possible: the cloths that come with your glasses make really great little wipes for an iPhone camera lens.

3. Check your angles

You don’t have to shoot from the front. Some of my favourite iPhone pictures are ones I’ve snapped from above, or crouched down and shot upwards. Play with ways of shooting, you might be surprised!


4. Change your exposure

Did you know you can change the exposure of a shot, just by selecting part of the frame? When you next line up a photo on your iPhone try selecting different subjects by tapping alternative parts of the pictures; it can give amazingly different results. Have a read of this article for more information on the focus and exposure settings on your iPhone.

5. Use your phone’s native camera

Most photography apps have in-built camera software but your best bet will always be to use the camera app native to the iPhone. You want to make sure the images you capture are of the highest resolution possible, especially if you’re going to be printing them, and some apps decrease the resolution and quality in favour of memory. Your favourite photographs can always be imported into the apps at a later date.


What are your favourite ways to shoot with the iPhone?


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