New version of Lifecake ready in the App store


The latest version of Lifecake is up and available on the App store and Google Play. So please, take it for a spin and let us know what you think. You will discover…

Easier ways to share with the people you love

1) It’s now easy peasy in the iOS app  to invite family members and close friends to join your Lifecake and enjoy photos and videos of your babes. In the iPhone or iPad app hit the people icon at the top left and you’ll see – Share with family. Enter in an email address or phone number and we’ll guide them through the process.

2) On Android you can now invite people to join your Lifecake via text message as well as email.

A secret tool

Try out our new secret feature on iPhone or iPad. Open Lifecake and give your phone a shake. `You’ll see a slideshow of up to 10 recent, popular photos. So much easier when sharing photos face to face than scrolling through a timeline or camera roll. Give it a whirl.

Wanna help out?

Did you know that each time we release a new version of Lifecake,  the Apple App Store wipes the slate clean of the latest reviews? Crazy. So if you are enjoying Lifecake and want to help other people find out about it – the best thing you can do is leave us a review (and ideally a 5 star rating!) You can do this on your computer in iTunes, or look us up in the App store and hit “Reviews” and then “Write a review”.

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