How to organize photos of your baby

It seems clear there are two schools of thought when is comes to organising photos. Both are valid but you decide which one is more realistic in the long term for you. 

1) All in one go – you magically find an extra week in your year to do this painstaking task, after which you feel incredibly pleased with yourself, and deservedly so. (Here is a fabulous article on long form organization). And then you promise yourself that from now on you will follow the method below.

2) As you go – this is where you devise a way to organize your photos  just as quickly as they are taken. Sound impossible? It’s not.

Enter Lifecake, a photo sharing service for busy parents which takes the bite out of organizing acres of photos. Here’s how it works:

1) Take/select a great photo that’s worth sharing with your family (usually a good proxy for one worth keeping). Editing complete.

2) Add it to Lifecake, which updates your family on their computer, mobile or iPad, that new content has been added. Sharing complete.

3) Watch as it is automatically organized into a fully backed up and beautiful online album in order of date taken and with a little note of how old child was. Organization and back up complete. 

4) At the end of the year print a photobook with your (edited, organized and backed up) photos. Sit back and watch the smiles on your parents’ faces when they receive their photo books at the end of the year.

Lifecake works on your iPhone or Android phone and both parents, as well as invited family members, can submit photos to the online album.

How do you organize your photos? All at once or on the go? Please share your tips in the comments.

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