How to back up photos of your baby

By now you’ve taken an obscene amount of photos of your baby. Don’t worry we all do. Where are they all and are they safe?

It’s time to get 1) responsible and 2) organised for 2014 so you can have some peace of mind and enjoy these wonderful memories whenever you want. (If you are like me that’s every night before I go to bed, I flick through about 20, even though I saw her an hour or 2 before!)

Here are the facts about storage and back up

1. Your photos are not safe on a CD or DVD. The organised housewife tells us the shelf life on even the best brands is 10-15 years. This is not a good long term solution. 

2. The hard drive on your computer is no insurance policy. Your computer can easily crash and those photos of your child’s first smiles will be gone and it will all end in tears. 

3. External hard drives can also crash or can be stolen. Ditto for thumb drives. If this is your preferred option think about having a back up hard drive at a different location and doing a regular sync.

4. Social sites, like Facebook, Google + etc are designed for sharing and are not necessarily where you want to dump a lot of private media. Plus Facebook compresses the photos you upload so they are stored at a much lower resolution than the original – which spells disaster if you ever want to print them. 

5. Cloud back up, where photos are stored on a third party storage system is a good option. Services like Dropbox and iCloud are expensive but good. However, they can have limited functionality if you plan to actually do something with some of the better shots like share or print. 

6. Photobooks are a pretty surefire back up and are more fun to share in real time with friends than firing up your computer. There are tons of services out there now. The only issue is sorting your photos for placement in the book can be very time intensive. Consider getting organised and sorting the best shots into a separate file throughout the year so you can easily flow these into a book when the time comes. 

6. Consider a service which allows you to back up automatically and allows you share and print photobooks. Lifecake is a fine example (yes, we are biased). Each time you add a new photo via the app it is shared with the people you love, AND organised into a neat timeline AND safely stored in the cloud AND you can print a high quality photobook at any time. But my personal favourite feature is that I have continuous access to photos from throughout my one year old’s life right at my fingertips whenever I want to revisit them (yes, mainly before bed, but also on the bus, at work, on holiday, haha OK I’m obsessed!)

Here’s how you can start

Lifecake for iPhone or iPad

Lifecake for Android

Lifecake for desktop

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