5 wonderful things to do with your holiday photos


If you are like many of us, your camera or hard drive is a little weightier than it was this time a week ago. Fear not. There are many great ways to get that camera roll into great shape in the New Year. No more languishing in random folders. It’s time for action.

1) Make some editsVSCO. it’s true that photo of the turkey might not look much now but see what happens when you experiment with VSCO’s  exposure slider. Don’t go over board with a bazillion presets. Choose a few that work for you and keep your look and feel consistent. You are bound to uncover some real treasures – which you should absolutely not bury!  (You can thank the new diplomats wife for this little nugget.)

2) Make a beautiful collage PicMonkey. The festive season is almost over but a collage is a great way to give yourself a little reminder of the highlights. I made the one above in a flash. Pin it up in the kitchen and it might just help get you through the January blues. We love these collages that we first spotted here at NewMumblings.com

3) Make personalised thank you cards – touchnote. Always worthwile, a thank you note goes a long way, but how better then to say it with a personalised note card. Touchnote makes it easy to create and send personalised post cards for each recipient. We love their idea to use a photo of the moment the gift was opened – especially if it was a gift for a child. 

4) Make something fun to shareFlipfilmer. You can turn any video on your phone into a flip book using Flipfilmer – such a fun way to share a funny holiday moment. Or you can turn a series of photos (like those awkward ones in front of the tree that no one enjoys) into an animated stop motion movie using iFlipBook. This is a great way to share a little snapshot of your holidays in a more interesting way with your friends and family on social networks.

5) Make a shared online journal the whole family can enjoy – Lifecake – you guessed it! Lifecake lets you place photos of your child into a beautiful timeline which is shared instantly with family whether they were there over the holidays or far away. Once you’ve invited family to join, they too can add their own photos of your little one to the timeline so you don’t have to worry about gathering photos over email and filing them as they arrive. Lifecake also lets everyone leave comments on the photos they love, which means you can reminisce on your favorite moments for weeks to come.  

2014 is the year to free your photos! Don’t just sit on them – get creative. If you have any other good ideas on how to make the most of your holiday shots please let us know in the comments. 


P.S. As you can see this santa outfit was a total hit for us. Thanks to Lifecake Team mate Ed for the loan! 

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