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5 wonderful things to do with your holiday photos


If you are like many of us, your camera or hard drive is a little weightier than it was this time a week ago. Fear not. There are many great ways to get that camera roll into great shape in the New Year. No more languishing in random folders. It’s time for action.

1) Make some editsVSCO. it’s true that photo of the turkey might not look much now but see what happens when you experiment with VSCO’s  exposure slider. Don’t go over board with a bazillion presets. Choose a few that work for you and keep your look and feel consistent. You are bound to uncover some real treasures – which you should absolutely not bury!  (You can thank the new diplomats wife for this little nugget.)

2) Make a beautiful collage PicMonkey. The festive season is almost over but a collage is a great way to give yourself a little reminder of the highlights. I made the one above in a flash. Pin it up in the kitchen and it might just help get you through the January blues. We love these collages that we first spotted here at

3) Make personalised thank you cards – touchnote. Always worthwile, a thank you note goes a long way, but how better then to say it with a personalised note card. Touchnote makes it easy to create and send personalised post cards for each recipient. We love their idea to use a photo of the moment the gift was opened – especially if it was a gift for a child. 

4) Make something fun to shareFlipfilmer. You can turn any video on your phone into a flip book using Flipfilmer – such a fun way to share a funny holiday moment. Or you can turn a series of photos (like those awkward ones in front of the tree that no one enjoys) into an animated stop motion movie using iFlipBook. This is a great way to share a little snapshot of your holidays in a more interesting way with your friends and family on social networks.

5) Make a shared online journal the whole family can enjoy – Lifecake – you guessed it! Lifecake lets you place photos of your child into a beautiful timeline which is shared instantly with family whether they were there over the holidays or far away. Once you’ve invited family to join, they too can add their own photos of your little one to the timeline so you don’t have to worry about gathering photos over email and filing them as they arrive. Lifecake also lets everyone leave comments on the photos they love, which means you can reminisce on your favorite moments for weeks to come.  

2014 is the year to free your photos! Don’t just sit on them – get creative. If you have any other good ideas on how to make the most of your holiday shots please let us know in the comments. 


P.S. As you can see this santa outfit was a total hit for us. Thanks to Lifecake Team mate Ed for the loan! 

“Lifecake scores major points for its simplicity…”

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 13.09.41

Mum of one (and one on the way!) My Mills Baby reviewed us soon after our launch date and she said:

Perhaps my favourite thing about photo-sharing with Lifecake is that it’s a closed environment. Unlike social network sharing sites, advertisers cannot access data and target campaigns at you and associated friends, family and communities. This means your family have a clean and spam-free viewing experience…

See more on her Lifecake experience over here.

Share the love!

The festive season is nearly upon us. Of course your shopping is all done and dusted (wait, what?) but we have another gift for you to share.

 In the spirit of the season, we are offering new customers who sign up to Lifecake before the end of the year and sharing with 3 or more family members 10GB of storage FREE

So, take a moment over eggnog/mulled wine/[insert suitably festive drink here] to tell a friend about Lifecake and how perfect it is to store and share their family photos. They will thank you for it

Is it OK to Instagram your kids?


A friend of ours, who happens to be an excellent photographer and have a very photogenic and adorable baby boy, was recently alerted to the fact that someone on Instagram had stolen photos of her son from her IG account and was reposting them, pretending to be his mother. She has now removed every picture of her son from Facebook and Instagram and will be thinking again before sharing her photos more broadly than immediate friends and family

Clearly this is an issue close to our hearts at Lifecake. I am wondering how many other people this has happened to and how you reacted. How do you decide which photos are OK to share more generally and which do you keep to yourselves?

“It’s like building a community, with contributions from everyone”

Customer story: Jo Bradford, photographer and mum to Grace

We asked Lifecake enthusiast and photographer, Jo Bradford to tell us about the way she and her family use Lifecake. Jo’s been a pro photographer for 15 years and exhibits across the world, so she knows a thing or two about sharing photos. (You can see her work at and

“My daughter Grace was born 10 months ago, in Exeter. We had waited rather a long time for her and so there was great excitement when she finally arrived. Despite our excitement my husband and I decided we wanted to avoid being “over-sharers” and inundating everyone we knew on Facebook with photos of Grace.”

“I use Flickr for many of my commercial photos for Getty Images so it didn’t seem like the right place for more private photos of Grace. When my husband heard about Lifecake we were thrilled. It meant we could share photos privately, even with family and friends abroad in South Africa and Spain.”

“I did a batch upload of photos from my computer to get started using the uploader app. I watched as the photos were dropped into date order and organized in front of my eyes onto my timeline. Then I just added some captions and stories and it was ready to share. I love that I have absolute control over who can see these photos. We’ve invited our parents, best friends and Grace’s godparents to share her Lifecake.”

“We recently had an early Christmas celebration for family home from abroad. Lifecake played a central part in our celebrations because everyone could add the photos they were taking. If one person was left out of a photo there would be a rush to get them into another so they could appear on the Lifecake and so appear in the record of Grace’s first Christmas. It’s great that everyone can contribute both comments and photos. It’s been like building a community with contributions from everyone. “