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Kids and cameras

Thinking of buying – or recently bought – a camera for your child? Has the hunted become the hunter? Here are a few interesting tips sent in by one of our customers, Tasha in San Francisco:


Batteries: Many of the child-friendly camera are battery operated, so he sure to have rechargeable ones and an extra set for trips, so you don’t stress yourself or your child out. 

Backpack: You may want to consider getting a dedicated backpack or bag for children to keep their camera in so that they always know where it is and can grab it easily when heading out the door. 

Outings: Remind your child to take the camera bag with them on outings – even to seemingly mundane places like the grocery store. For most children nothing is mundane, particularly if they have a way to make art. It’s also fascinating to see what children observe even in places that we have all seen a thousand times.

Viewing: Routinely remove photos from the camera and put them somewhere – like lifecake! – where children can view them and see what they have done. It gives them pride and makes the art that much more real to them.

Feedback: Resist the urge to judge what they’ve chosen to photograph or how many times they choose to photograph the same things. For children it’s about the process, not the final product. As it should be!

Damage: Be prepared for the camera to be broken or lost and for the probability of having to replace it at least once. It is an investment in the child’s happiness and ability to self-express. Don’t make the child nervous about breaking the camera!

Books: As kids love books and stories, consider turning a series of photos into a photobook the child can make into a story with captions.

Say cheese!