Monthly Archives: July 2013

3, 2, 1 action!

If you’re taking your children to the beach this summer, instead of just the standard posed shots, why not include some fun action shots? Here are three tips:

Start at the edge
At the beginning of the day the excitement of the water is still fresh and can provoke some fun reactions. Provided your child is big enough, capture some natural shots of them by the water’s edge. (A bonus is that the waterline can provide a great focal point and natural divider for the photo).

Get splashing
The intense light of midday can often make colors seem washed out, but it’s brilliant for capturing detail which would normally be lost in lower light – especially with a phone’s camera. Try holding your camera or phone at a low angle and capturing running or splashing in the water … as long as you can avoid being the one splashed!
Feature the sky
During a sunny day at the beach the sky often lacks texture or anything of interest in a photo, but as the sun sets it can fill the sky with drama. As long as it’s safe, try getting a bit of distance to really make the sky star in the shot.

Have fun and don’t forget the sunscreen!