Baby too fidgety for a photo? Get sticky!

We’ve all been there. The light is perfect and your child looks so adorable, but it’s impossible to get them to sit still – for even a second – while you snap a photo. And you end up with 10 blurred shots.

Here’s a quick tip: use a loop of clear sticky tape.


That’s right: if you take a piece of clear tape and make a little loop of it – so it’s a little circle of stickiness – it can provide the perfect diversion for a little one. Once you stick it to one of their fingers, they’ll be happily and intently fascinated with it while you get in position and get the perfect shot.

In the photos they’ll look like they’re studying their hands, and the clear tape usually won’t be visible to the camera. 

Got any tips for snapping kids who won’t sit still? Please share below!

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