Saving your child’s artwork … for life

One dilemma that every parent goes through is what to do with their kids’ artwork. After a while it leaves the fridge and starts to clutter up the house, but still, that moment where its hovering over a trash can, waiting to go in, is pretty much impossible to go through with. This is even more true when your kids themselves are attached to their little works of creation (and rightfully so!).

While many of us boring grown-ups may not have the benefit of uncovering our Picasso pasts, it definitely doesn’t have to be that way for kids today, who have the magic of the Internet to turn to.

When determining how to best go about saving artwork – which depending on the age and enthusiasm of your child for art can amount to an arduous undertaking – it’s best to keep some of these tips and tricks in mind:

   Tip #1: Take pictures of course! This is obvious, but parents can think about creative ways to go about it. You can have some with your child posing along with the art, some juxtaposed with whatever inspired your child in the first place. And what’s the best way to photograph them? We found this great blog entry from mom blogger Kate of on her quick, easy tips for getting great pictures of your kids artwork


   Tip #2: Take some notes. Years from now, it will be fantastic for your child to know the context of their creations. What were they drawing? Whose idea was it? You can add answers as a description to the posting on lifecake.

– Tip #3: Tag them. If you’re saving these moments to lifecake with a photo from your iPhone or our Website, be sure to add the tag ‘artwork’ when adding them, So you’ll be able to easily find them all in the future.

Tip #4: Make photo books. We will soon be introducing on lifecake the ability to turn your artwork into photobooks. Whether you want to give a beautiful and unique gift to family, or file them away in hard copy to bring out on holidays and birthdays, a photobook is a great way to preserve the little artists’ memories.

– Tip #5: Share instantly. By saving your kids artwork online, you can also easily share with friends, family, grandparents, whomever, across the globe. You can also read out loud or show your kids their comments for them to revel in the praise for their work.

If you want to go a step beyond the smartphone photos, check out PC Magazine’s list of these great, easy-to-use scanners for high quality images that you can save for life and bring out years down the road for not just your kids, but grandkids too.

And if nothing else, hopefully this will clear some space on your fridge!

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