Exciting news from the Lifecake team

We started Lifecake with a promise of helping families remember their happiest moments for generations to come. But parents sometimes asked us: how can a startup really say their service will endure for the long term?

Well, today we have our answer. Lifecake is part of Canon, arguably the most trusted brand in photography and a leader in capturing moments for nearly 80 years. We’re so excited!

A Canon company

What will change for you

Improvements: Our team will grow – and so will our product. For example, today we’re launching support for 4 more languages – French, German, Spanish and Italian – and all customers will get a minimum of 10GB of free space.

Innovation: We’ll have access to the great technology Canon has in imaging and printing, like high definition photobooks, facial recognition, image enhancement and so much more.

What won’t change for you

Our commitment: While our team grows we’ll stay 100% focused on the needs of you and your family. We love building Lifecake, and we have big plans.

Our openness: You and your family will get a great experience, no matter which camera or device you use to capture memories.

Your privacy: Your content stays in Lifecake and you will continue to own it. Canon shares our belief in the importance of intimate, private sharing – in full quality and free from advertisements.

We hope you share our excitement about this great news, and Lifecake and Canon look forward to helping your family share and remember moments for a long, long time to come.

Have a great day!

Silvia, Artjom, Matt, Pete, Ed and Nick

The Lifecake team


Making music slideshows with Lifecake

We’ve been working on something to put a smile on your face.

With today’s update to our iPhone app, you can now combine your happiest Lifecake photos with your favorite iTunes music to create something special.

Here’s one we just created:

 ♫ Music: The Beatles – ‘Here comes the sun’

And it’s so easy. Once you get the latest update for Lifecake for iPhone from iTunes, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on the + button (see below)

Add button

















Step 2: Tap on the slideshow button

Start slideshow

















Step 3:  Tap on a bunch of your favorite photos!

Select photos

















Step 4: Tap and hold to arrange the photos in the order you’d like. Or tap on the pencil icon to crop the photos. You can also choose whether to include the age or date. The tap the arrow in the top right.

Order photos

















Step 5: Tap on the music button if you’d like to add music from your phone. (It must be downloaded from iTunes onto your phone to select it).

Add music

















Step 6: Tap on the speed button to change the tempo of the images changing.

Change speed

















Step 7: After you tap on the arrow in the top right, your slideshow will be saved to your iPhone automatically. And you can save it to Lifecake and also share it with others in a bunch of fun ways.


















And that’s it!

Have a question for us? Or a suggestion for ways to make music slideshows even better? Just email us at support@lifecake.com, and we’ll get right back to you!

– The Lifecake team





Free your photos from folders

Just say no to folders

Digital photos in folders are kind of like printed photos in shoeboxes: it’s nice to know they have a home … but it’s not a home you’re going to visit much.

Photo by Wanderin' Weeta under Creative Commons.

Photo by Wanderin’ Weeta (licensed under Creative Commons)

In fact, folders are a perfect place for the stuff you’d be happy never to see again. Like your tax forms.

Sad folders

But we think photos of your children deserve better. Those moments want to be free! In a private place where you and your family can relive them again and again.

We created Lifecake to be that place. One single timeline of your child’s amazing journey. A timeline you can zoom through in seconds.

Lifecake for iPad

In our latest update for iPhone and Android, you can now free all those photos that are sitting in folders in Dropbox (as well as Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, camera roll and computer). In seconds you can copy your child’s photos into Lifecake, and it will put them all in age order. And loved ones will instantly see them all too – on any device.

Add all your content to Lifecake

So go on, grab the latest update from Lifecake in the App Store or Google Play. And free your photos from folders!

The Lifecake word cloud

One of our five values at Lifecake is: ‘We listen to our customers’.

We also love to see our customers. And we try to meet them whenever we can. (Ed from our team is currently cycling across London to go meet a few now – to ask them what they’d like to see next in Lifecake).

But when we can’t see our customers, we love to see what they write. In our suggestion box, on BabyCenter or in the app stores.

But this morning we did something different: we used analytics software to turn every single word (positive or negative) that customers have used in their reviews of us in the app stores into a ‘word cloud’ – automatically putting the most commonly used words in large font and in the center. 

We love the result. Especially when we see the most commonly used word.

Happy Friday 🙂

Word Cloud

Bored on a Friday afternoon?

We cracked it! The puzzle is solved. We know how to make Friday afternoon zip by in a trice.

Open Lifecake, hit the menu button and choose “Slideshow”. In an instant you’ll be whisked to 5pm, while enjoying wonderful moments from your children’s lives. Just set your phone down and hit play! (We are not promising you’ll be totally productive, but it will may well improve your Friday afternoon.) Please see the demonstration below!


“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.”

Maybe your family Delorean looks more like a hybrid SUV, but the good news is you don’t need one to go back in time, you can leave that to us!

Before I get too carried away with Back to the Future references, I wanted to talk about the ways we are trying to bring time travel to life for Lifecake parents and their families.

You may have got one of these recently? We wanted to demonstrate the incredible changes happening in your child’s world (and frankly, yours too) by simply showing 2 dated photos side by side in a way you might not have had the chance to see them before.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 22.37.38

The response from parents has been overwhelming. Then and now emails are a hit and you can expect them to get better and better from here. If you have any thoughts on how we can make them more interesting/relevant/beautiful  – you know what to do (email us at feedback @ lifecake . com)

And if you didn’t enjoy it so much you can hit unsubscribe any time…. As Marty McFly would say “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.”

Bon voyage!



Love Lifecake?


tell a friend about Lifecake and you both get extra storage space

Parents tell us every day how much they love their Lifecake app. It makes our hearts swell with pride!  But it makes us even happier when they tell their friends. Our goal this year is to let as many people as possible know about Lifecake so we thought there might be a good partnership here. Here’s what we are proposing.

Tell a friend about Lifecake via the new “Tell a friend” option in the menu on your phone and we’ll add 1GB of space to both your, and your friend’s, accounts when they sign up. Lifecake customers can earn up to 20GB free space (enough for 6000 photos) just for letting their friends in on it.

Please help us spread the word about Lifecake and help other parents discover the joy of time travel too.  They will love you for it.

(And we will love you even more!) 😉





Behind the scenes on Lifecake the movie

The Lifecake team turned into a production crew for the making of the new intro video. It was a ton of fun to put together so wanted to share a few behind the scenes moments from this epic!

Head of photography and toys, Ed takes some stills.

Photo shoot

The special effects department – green screen set up.

Green screen

Voice over artist, Claire, gets carried away in the sound studio/landing-covered-in-towels. Sound studio


Oh and here is the final product, in case you missed it.

Lifecake: The Movie

Premiering today, the brand new Lifecake video, starring our favorite front man, Will,  is showing at a website or app store near you!

We wanted to communicate in around 40 seconds what Lifecake did and show people what the app looks like on iPhone and Android.

So here it is. Please let us know what you think. It’s important we get this right!

This production was a team effort and hugely fun to make. Special thanks go to Will, for being  utterly adorable and lending us some of his favorite toys for the day.



How to remember the things kids say?

My 16 month old has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Every day a bizarre new word comes from seemingly no where. “Oh look! Camel” she says pointing at a huge, sandy color dog.

My husband reminded me the other day of a time when she only had one word. It was “boodja”. To this day we have absolutely no idea what she meant. But his reminder made me realize that I had totally forgotten the weeks of “boodja” and trying to work out what she was so urgently telling us. It was only 5 months ago.

Lifecake timeline with story

Lifecake timeline with story

Things kids say can be so insightful into what’s on their mind, or the way they are thinking about the world. And sometimes they are just flat-out funny as hell. How do you remember those moments? They are so fleeting and there is rarely a chance to capture them on video.

There is a story option on Lifecake which allows you to leave a note – so it’s there to revisit, in date order whenever you want to. It makes looking back at photos a whole lot richer.

Keep tabs on what kids say

Lifecake story

But we also want to get more of these gems out into the open – so more people can appreciate the comedy genius of the young child’s mind.

Enter Little Wise Words which aims to be the world’s biggest collection of funny things kids say. We’d love to see everyone with a child of speaking age to add their favorite saying or conversation on to the site.

What was the last funny conversation with your child? Please add it at Little Wise Words

Little wise words

Little wise words